Manager Quotes Archive

League Week 1
Grant (Rangers FC): Game over before we even got going, lesson to be learned, and that lesson is we arent in the 1st division now !!
Glen (Valencia): Hollow victory but a win is a win no matter how you get it.

League Week 2
Hill (Juventus): Great performane today from the team - The fans were very happy.
McNamara (Schalke 04): Although disappointed to lose this game, a lot of positives can be taken. our young side battled well and Neutral after coming up from the reserves scored on his first outing for the first team. After his wonderful goalscoring in the reserves we have high hopes that he will make it.
Grant (Rangers FC): Decent performancethis week, hopwfully the team are settling in now

League Week 3
Grant (Rangers FC): Should be winning these games, squandered good chances, need to improve quick !
Hill (Juventus): Hearts never gave up. Fair result in the end.
Glen (Valencia): Went a goal down early doors and without suspended Saddam was an uphill battle, having a player sent off and another injured just sealed our fate. Well played to Osasuna everything just worked out for them today.
Grant (Osasuna): Quick recovery and a rousing win - Valencia humbled on the day but dangerous on the return fixture I'm sure

Elite League Cup Match 1
Grant (Rangers FC): Bore draw again
Grant (Osasuna): Dominant, powerful. Another win for Osasuna
McLeod (Liverpool): Can't score past a 39 rated keeper. Got no chance. 15 saves joke.

League Week 4
Ridout (AS Roma): Baggio can't keep scoring atm
Grant (Rangers FC): Rangers teach Celtic a lesson at Ibrox !
Hill (Juventus): Close game, happy with the performance against a solid Arsenal side
McNamara (Schalke 04): Schalk admit that mistakes could have been made with transfers this season. We'll see how this season goes however double relegation seems a dead cert at the moment, may have to think about where we want to go with our club at the end of this season.

Elite League Cup Match 2
Grant (Rangers FC): Routine win , team performed well. hopefully some momentum building

League Week 5
McNamara (Schalke 04): manager upset about turn of events at club, things need to change McNamara is thinking about his future and weather he's really done all he can with this club now and weather a fresh challenge might be what he needs.
Hill (Juventus): A well earned point - and another clean sheet - Pleased.
Grant (Rangers FC): Real Madrid struggle to cope with resurgent Rangers !

Elite League Cup Match 3
Grant (Rangers FC): Absolute stinker of a game, whole team fined a weeks wages !
McKay (Aberdeen): Happy With The Win, Knew We Had The Team To Beat Spurs But With There Tactics You Just Never Know
McNamara (Schalke 04): Another defeat but managed to keep the score down, I am looking forward to this season being over so I can start correcting my mistakes and rebuilding my squad to give myself a better chance of some success.

League Week 6
Hill (Juventus): Bad day at the office! Schalke better on the day.
Grant (Rangers FC): Schooled Bayern, but once again we come away with little reward !
Glen (Valencia): Poor performance today.
McNamara (Schalke 04): Great result for the lads, finally found a formation that seems to work, hopefully this is the start of a turn in our season. Every single player contributed well in this game and the whole squad will hopefully gain confidence from this result. I am proud of the players as they managed to beet and out class a way better side.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 1
Hill (Juventus): A valuable point against a strong side
McNamara (Schalke 04): Unlucky, only lost 1-0 against a very good side, really proud of my players, there finally starting to turn a corner so hopefully we can avoid relegation and stay up. these young lads are starting to really develop good understandings with each other.