Manager Quotes Archive

League Week 1
McKay (Aberdeen): Fantastic Start Away At Barcelona, Great Start For J_Garner
Grant (Rangers FC): Routine win , team performed well. hopefully build some form
Glen (Valencia): Played really well against probably the best team in Division 1.
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): Expected to lose but not to be humiliated. Players docked wages which will be donated to charity
Hill (Juventus): Routine rotation to prepare for the more important game next week - Team played well, the new signings are fitting in well
McNamara (Schalke 04): Fantastic first game of the season for the lads. It is good to start with a win and hopefully we can continue some good form this season. this season is all about rebuilding and looking at the direction our young side is going.

League Week 2
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): Drew at home to Porto. We feel like we should of had all 3 points but we will take it.
Grant (Rangers FC): Yoyo results in the league, going to be a long hard fought out campaign
McKay (Aberdeen): Bore draw, not what we were looking for after last weeks away win at Barcelona, maybe time to change tactics
McNamara (Schalke 04): Bad result today, the lads know they did not do enough this game and at home that's very disappointing.
Hill (Juventus): Resting the squad for week 1 paid off here. Unlucky PSG

League Week 3
Hill (Juventus): Early goal meant we sat back and grabbed the points - Unlucky Lyon - Clearly a top 4 developing in Division 1
Grant (Rangers FC): Almighty Tussle with old foes Roma
McKay (Aberdeen): Disappointed to lose our first game of the season but the performance was pleasing
Coady (Hearts): trying out a new strategy and am quite hopefull

Elite League Cup Match 1
Grant (Rangers FC): awesome
Hill (Juventus): Powerful performane against a well organised side
Glen (Valencia): Rotated our keepers and forwards and seen good gains Aswell as a result.

League Week 4
Hill (Juventus): We'll take this point - even with 10 men, they had enough quality to cause us problems.

Elite League Cup Match 2
Hill (Juventus): Went down to 10 mid way through the first half and battled for the draw. Nicely poised for the final game.

League Week 5
Hill (Juventus): Not the result we were after, but all credit to Milan.
Broadhurst (AC Milan): Best win so far!
Coady (Hearts): hoping for the best. got some new players so can't wait to see how things work out

Elite League Cup Match 3
Grant (Rangers FC): A case of too little too late as Rangers crash out at the first hurdle.

League Week 6
Coady (Hearts): not happy with how the team is doing. trying some changes so hopefully things will get better
Hill (Juventus): We'll take this win. Sat back and countered a strong Sao team - Kikuchi ran the show!
Grant (Rangers FC): Tactics spot on as we claim 3 vital away points

Elite FA Cup Group Game 1
Coady (Hearts): happy with the result
Glen (Valencia): Good solid win, just need to transfer that to our league performances.
Hill (Juventus): We're flying at the moment - on all fronts!

League Week 7
McKay (Aberdeen): Getting bored with the Elite League now, is it possible we could move to Division One or Two?
Hill (Juventus): Couldn't break down 10 men Marseille - They held on well. They're going to be hard to beat this season.
Grant (Rangers FC): Gers firing on all cylinders, not something your hear often these days ! Thumping 4-1 win for the lads :)
Glen (Valencia): Zero consistency

Elite FA Cup Group Game 2
Grant (Rangers FC): Kept it tight and squeezed Valencia out.
Hill (Juventus): A great strike gets us the points - a good start, but still plenty to do.

League Week 8
Hill (Juventus): Both teams settled for the point here.
McNamara (Schalke 04): Starting to string some results together now as we're really playing well. The team is in good form at the moment and with two wins back to back things are looking up. We are still in a rebuilding faze with our club and now with the finances we are building hopefully next season we can try and get some good players in to really strengthen both squads and also do something about our stadium capacity as well. This game however was fantastic and both our strikers hitting the back of the net was good to see.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 3
Grant (Rangers FC): Another 3 points in the cup puts us in with a tremendous chance of progress.
Ridout (AS Roma): Fazio and amuri leave game not happy and have handed a transfer request in

League Week 9
Hill (Juventus): Even the all night music/prank calls at the hotel didn't put us off our task. Form picking up nicely.
Grant (Rangers FC): Massive win away to title favourites !

Elite FA Cup Group Game 4
McKay (Aberdeen): Team really need to have a long hard look at themselves, very poor form at the moment
Grant (Rangers FC): Nice win and deserved, routine stuff.
Hill (Juventus): Bring on Bayern and the clean sweep.

Elite FA Cup Group Game 5
Hill (Juventus): Plenty of drinking + plenty of frauleins = not very good football! Still, it was a nice rest up for the squad!
Glen (Valencia): Was worried that we might struggle to score with our main forward out of action! We scored twice, once in our own net lol that's enough to see us through to the next round.

League Week 11
Grant (Rangers FC): Hard fought win this week, we retake top spot for at least another week
Hill (Juventus): Got the tactics wrong this week, but will happily take a point from a good team

League Week 12
Grant (Rangers FC): The lads battled to another victory
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): After claiming an away win to Aberdeen, Inter Milan boys backed it up with a win against one of elites best teams Celtic. We can see the a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
Hill (Juventus): Dominated the game until the sending off
Coady (Hearts): spirits are low due to the last few defeats but are hopeful with a few changes that this can be changed.

Elite League Cup 2nd Round
Glen (Valencia): Barca who?
Hill (Juventus): Happy to make it to the quarters, even if we were a bit fortunate.

League Week 13
McKay (Aberdeen): Club In Serious Danger Of Being Relegated This Season, Our Form Is Going From Bad To Worse
Grant (Rangers FC): Boring draw , but an away point isnt too shabby, top spot changes hands again !
Hill (Juventus): Well played PSG - a deserved win.
Matthews (Bayern Munich): Forgot to sheet and Madrid still couldn't win. Garfy out!

Elite FA Cup 2nd Round
Grant (Rangers FC): No Glory in a win against a non sheeter, but we progress
Hill (Juventus): Very late winner against Bremen sees us into the quarters for both cups!