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Season 29

Welcome to Elite Football League (ESMS+) - here you will find no bad teams and no bad managers.

For years you have wanted to test yourself against the best, week in week out... Well, now is that chance. Will you find your level playing each season in Division Two, or can you cut it and be crowned Elite League Champions?

The Elite League is where the big money is, it's where the best players play, it's also where the best managers belong. Will you be named top boss? Will your team be the one everyone wants to beat? Can you get your tactics right when it really matters? We all think we are a top manager. Now we give you the league to prove it.

Join us in what should be an exciting 29th season: Three Divisions, Elite FA Cup, Elite League Cup, Top Games, Shock Results, Online Transfer Market/Scout Missions and more.

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League Week 10 - Mon 20 Jan
Teamsheet deadline: Sun 19 Jan, 18:00

Club News

Aberdeen: All change at Aberdeen, fresh new squad ready for Division One
Arsenal: Couple of good signings, good scouts and Academy boosted to Level 2 - Good pre-season for Arsenal
FC Porto: Ready for the next season... c'mon Porto
Real Madrid: First big deal done
Hearts: going to be difficult this season with some good players down but hopefull we can make a good account of our selves
Bayern Munich: Botti , fofan make debuts , kane out in the cold , is this the end of kane @bayern
Chelsea: Chelsea pleased with the signing of scout Reject field, if he starts well he and Perry with Young Rashford and Skiba could be a settled strike force for seasons to come. Chelsea also happy with the experiment of letting Anjurin, Menga and Aguala go on loan to Celtic this season, all three players are really showing quality there and will come back better next season. Menga almost rated up already so it will be amazing to see how he turns out at the end of the season if the start he's had continues. Also The signing of field means Suda has gone on the auction list, Chelsea hoping they can bring in around 10 million for the player.

Manager Reactions - League Week 9

McNamara (Chelsea): Really pleased with the teams performance, however it's not a formation I will probably use for the whole of the season, because we did let in two goals although due to fitness issues we were not playing the first choice defence that we would usually choose. Field, Rashford and Skiba were the goal scorers which is good to see as our forwards are all at least getting in on the act this season which is what we need. Our team is starting to play well and with the bigger squad it gives us options to rest players when needed and we're still playing players of a similar rating, if we were in a higher league we'd probably have to think about our policy a bit more but in this lower league it gives us the opportunity to give everyone game time and concentrate on the players we really want to improve.

Quotes archive
Elite FA Cup Group Game 4
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bfa3 - 1abn
cfc2 - 1amn
tth0 - 3rfc
aja0 - 1jvt
brc2 - 0arn
msl2 - 1fyd
fcp2 - 1evn
rmd1 - 0nwt
osa0 - 0vla
sfc2 - 0irm
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