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Welcome to Elite Football League (ESMS+) - here you will find no bad teams and no bad managers.

For years you have wanted to test yourself against the best, week in week out... Well, now is that chance. Will you find your level playing each season in Division Three, or can you cut it and be crowned Elite League Champions?

The Elite League is where the big money is, it's where the best players play, it's also where the best managers belong. Will you be named top boss? Will your team be the one everyone wants to beat? Can you get your tactics right when it really matters? We all think we are a top manager. Now we give you the league to prove it.

Join us in what should be an exciting 18th season: Four Divisions, Elite FA Cup, Elite League Cup, Top Games, Shock Results, Online Transfer Market/Scout Missions and more.

Have you got what it takes to be the best? Play Elite Football League.

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Season 17 Champions!

Elite: Real Madrid
Div 1: Hearts
Div 2: Benfica
Div 3: Werder Bremen
FA Cup: Marseille
League Cup: Real Madrid

All Season 17 results can now be viewed in the Archive.

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League Week 8 - Mon 21 Apr
Teamsheet deadline: Sun 20 Apr, 20:00

Manager Reactions - League Week 7

McKay (Liverpool): We Gave It Our All, Against One Of The Big Clubs, Always Hard To Get Any Sort Of Result!
Grant (Rangers FC): Good point this week considering we were down to 10 men early doors
Winzor (FC Porto): piss poor result tbh.......... managed to concede within a min of taking tactical advantage. out played on the stats, never seen the C tactic provide someone with so many chance, glad we didnt get hammered lol
Alrawi (Real Madrid): Great week for my boys, more than what I thought, it is the most important match in this season for Real
Glen (Valencia): Expected Porto to really go for it big time to keep the pressure on Barca? Set up to counter that and found ourselves a goal up early on. Let Porto back into it by putting the ball in our own net, but they returned the favour straight after, a wierd game TBH but we got the win so not complaining!
Haldane (Aberdeen): What a beauty, grabbing the away win in injury time. Keeps us in touch with the top going into the second half, very pleased.
Neilson (Celtic FC): We really rode our luck this week, down to 9 men after 35mins and managed to hold on for a great 1-0 win.
Griffin (Inter Milan): Top drawer performance this week that moves us to just 4 points off 2nd place

Manager Reactions - Elite League Cup Quarter Finals

Winzor (FC Porto): what a load of bollox.
Myre (Barcelona): Loads of abs and through to the semis.

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Elite League Cup Quarter Finals
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