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Welcome to Elite Football League (ESMS+) - here you will find no bad teams and no bad managers.

For years you have wanted to test yourself against the best, week in week out... Well, now is that chance. Will you find your level playing each season in Division Three, or can you cut it and be crowned Elite League Champions?

The Elite League is where the big money is, it's where the best players play, it's also where the best managers belong. Will you be named top boss? Will your team be the one everyone wants to beat? Can you get your tactics right when it really matters? We all think we are a top manager. Now we give you the league to prove it.

Join us in what should be an exciting 19th season: Three Divisions, Elite FA Cup, Elite League Cup, Top Games, Shock Results, Online Transfer Market/Scout Missions and more.

Have you got what it takes to be the best? Play Elite Football League.

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EFL News

Real overcome 9 man Bayern on penalties in Season 19 curtain raiser!

Next fixture

League Week 6 - Mon 25 Aug
Teamsheet deadline: Sun 24 Aug, 20:00

Club News

Manchester City: Matthews confident of senior and reserve victories this weekend. "Have a feeling of confidence this week."
Barcelona: Barca manager advices Shaw to stay in Roma and develop his skills, feeling he's not ready for the top level yet.
Liverpool: If We Want To Progress In The Cup We Have To Win On Thursday Against Osasuna
Osasuna: Osasuna hire new manager to lead team. Fitts was quoted to say 'I'm honored to work with such a fine club. We have some work to do but we are ready.'
Lyon: Abbott considers cautious tactics against Elite opposition Inter Milan.
FC Porto: Porto fans looking forward to seeing RVN in a Porto shirt this season
Tottenham: J_Reina joins on loan as Spurs attempt to boost their defensive line.
Aberdeen: In: future stars H_Berg and J_Cooper for 25M. Out: long-serving utility players Ekelund and Oakley finally make the move to Newcastle.
Hearts: New Management in Charge! PM Methenas for deals etc
Rangers FC: Trezeguet looks to shine for first team as Gers make changes for cup tie
Celtic FC: celtic manager on holiday in Scottish Highlands until end of the month so patchy connection until then
Arsenal: Dalmedo pulling his hair out... Clearly missing the retired Lehman
AS Roma: Shaw looking at exit

Manager Reactions - Elite FA Cup Group Game 1

McKay (Liverpool): Disgusting Performance! Let Everyone Down! Players Need To Look At Themselves!
Raggett (Bayern Munich): Important victory; sets us up nicely
Myre (Barcelona): Good result, but gutted to have Hunt sent off.
Dalmedo (Arsenal): Christ... another loss and this one a bad one!
Glen (Valencia): loan keeper plays a blinder and my loan forward scores the only goal of the game. well played Newcastle!
Grant (Rangers FC): Gers frustrated as Aberdeen cling on for dear life !
Ridout (AS Roma): really should show more consideration to teams in the cup games thank god i was wearing my lucky pants lol
Winzor (FC Porto): Werder decided to come and attack us, but our strength saw us through keeping the clean sheet and RVN grabbing the goal with us controlling the game
Abbott (Lyon): Comfortable victory against an Elite league side...doesnt get much better...!

Manager Reactions - League Week 5

O'Brien (Aston Villa): Aberdeen got a lucky point I see
Matthews (Manchester City): We won :0
Grant (Rangers FC): Another point on the board, still searching for a win though, it's in the distance somewhere !
Glen (Valencia): Still tinkering with our team/formation, so the result wasn't a big thing. Thought rangers had home and tactical advantages with a goal advantage early doors. I think they threw away the victory and it was a point earned by us.
Maund (Ajax): Still haven't scored at HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Myre (Barcelona): Really went for it, but Liverpool shut up shop.
Winzor (FC Porto): not sure how we only came away with 1 point here..... best team on the stats but when we thought we had the game won my changes backfired and we conceded a poor goal
Abbott (Lyon): Disappointed not to bag all three points. But a draw seemed the fair result.
McKay (Liverpool): Very Happy With The Draw! Barca Are Much Stronger, So Proud Of The Players

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Elite FA Cup Group Game 1
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fyd0 - 1msl
abn0 - 0rfc
psg1 - 4brc
shk2 - 2asr
mnu0 - 8rmd
bnm1 - 0aja
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amn0 - 0tth
arn2 - 8cfc
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evn1 - 0bfa
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