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Season 24

Welcome to Elite Football League (ESMS+) - here you will find no bad teams and no bad managers.

For years you have wanted to test yourself against the best, week in week out... Well, now is that chance. Will you find your level playing each season in Division Two, or can you cut it and be crowned Elite League Champions?

The Elite League is where the big money is, it's where the best players play, it's also where the best managers belong. Will you be named top boss? Will your team be the one everyone wants to beat? Can you get your tactics right when it really matters? We all think we are a top manager. Now we give you the league to prove it.

Join us in what should be an exciting 24th season: Three Divisions, Elite FA Cup, Elite League Cup, Top Games, Shock Results, Online Transfer Market/Scout Missions and more.

Have you got what it takes to be the best? Play Elite Football League.

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Next fixture

Elite League Cup Match 1 - Thu 27 Apr
Teamsheet deadline: Wed 26 Apr, 20:00

Club News

FC Porto: Porto just about wrapped up all business ready for new season
Everton: Interest in Ozil hots up
Arsenal: Bring on the new season!
Aberdeen: J_Conroy On Auction List After Putting In Transfer Request
Aston Villa: The team is ready for the next season. The team want to bring the club as far as it can go.
Manchester City: This will be the first ever season man city aren't in the red
Schalke 04: Schalk are ready for the first season in Elite. They know it will be a long hard season but everyone is ready to give it there best.
Rangers FC: Rangers manager Gazza Grant pulls on the boots and is now Rangers official player manager !!

Manager Reactions - League Week 2

McNamara (Schalke 04): Solid in defence, however did not create enough at the other end of the pitch. Lads made a really good effort though throughout the whole match so can't complain. Will be giving our back up players a chance in the cap game on Thursday see how they perform.
Raggett (Bayern Munich): Happy to draw after forgetting to sheet
Winzor (FC Porto): come away from Munich with a point, very good point. slightly edged the stats too so very happy with the performance
Ridout (AS Roma): give up . com
Coady (Aston Villa): The lads are really looking forward to the next match. hoping to bring a win back for the club.

Quotes archive
League Week 2

Elite League
mnc1 - 0shk
rmd1 - 1vla
bnm2 - 2fcp
bfa0 - 0aja
sfc0 - 1abn
cfc2 - 1msl

Division 1
rfc0 - 1evn
hts2 - 0jvt
osa0 - 0wbn
tth3 - 0sun
nwt2 - 0brc
irm3 - 1asr

Division 2
asv0 - 2psg
fyd2 - 1lyn
chs2 - 0mnu
lpl1 - 1sao
bor0 - 1arn
amd0 - 0amn