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Season 24

Welcome to Elite Football League (ESMS+) - here you will find no bad teams and no bad managers.

For years you have wanted to test yourself against the best, week in week out... Well, now is that chance. Will you find your level playing each season in Division Two, or can you cut it and be crowned Elite League Champions?

The Elite League is where the big money is, it's where the best players play, it's also where the best managers belong. Will you be named top boss? Will your team be the one everyone wants to beat? Can you get your tactics right when it really matters? We all think we are a top manager. Now we give you the league to prove it.

Join us in what should be an exciting 24th season: Three Divisions, Elite FA Cup, Elite League Cup, Top Games, Shock Results, Online Transfer Market/Scout Missions and more.

Have you got what it takes to be the best? Play Elite Football League.

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League Week 20 - Mon 21 Aug
Teamsheet deadline: Sun 20 Aug, 20:00

Club News

Inter Milan: Breaking news, D_Boss was seen at AS Roma headquaters, rumor has it he will be replacing Ridout as a AS Roma manager in DIV 2. Ridout to be employed as a boot cleaner
AS Roma: Fans turn on ridout , chanting ridout out, ridout out , could this be the end of ridout
Sao Paulo FC: Given up on season, can't win anything with a low rated keeper
Osasuna: L_Shaw outlines his desire to become 'Elite's greatest ever player' and his obsession with obtaining an Osasuna legacy
Feyenoord: Feyenoord delighted to complete the signing of G_Banks from Schalke.
Aston Villa: The team is ready for the next season. The team want to bring the club as far as it can go.
Real Madrid: Due to lack of interest Williams to walk away
Aberdeen: Aberdeen Boss Delighted To Welcome M_Krohn_Dehli To The Club Until He Retires At The End Of The Season
Schalke 04: Schalk manager annoyed that they might get a fine this week due to not having enough reserve players.
Everton: Daddy bails out Osasuna
Rangers FC: Rangers 10 points clear of Everton, yes TEN POINTS !!!
Valencia: Season on a knife edge!

Manager Reactions - League Week 19

Grant (Rangers FC): Rangers prove they are the best !
Lobozinski (Inter Milan): A brave draw against Barcelona.Still alive in a cut throat fight for 2 place and direct promotion to Elite League. New signing Boss fakes an injury in 6th minute to makes things complicated for his team.
Hill (Juventus): A good point against a good young team
Winzor (FC Porto): Well that was some crazy ass game :o

Quotes archive
League Week 19

Elite League
shk0 - 3msl
cfc0 - 0abn
sfc1 - 0aja
bfa0 - 4fcp
bnm3 - 0vla
rmd1 - 0mnc

Division 1
evn4 - 1asr
irm1 - 1brc
nwt2 - 1sun
tth2 - 0wbn
osa0 - 0jvt
hts0 - 2rfc

Division 2
psg0 - 1amn
amd0 - 3arn
bor0 - 1sao
lpl3 - 2mnu
chs1 - 2lyn
fyd0 - 3asv